KGHS-AM signed on the air during the summer of 1959. At that time, the studios were on the corner of 4th Avenue and 3rd Street in downtown International Falls. The transmitter/tower was and still is on 15th Street East. KGHS was at 100 watts in the beginning and at 1230 on the dial. The music format at that time was a mixture of just about any and everything from country, instrumentals, big bands, etc. The news was being done locally with assistance from United Press International. It was approximately five years later that KGHS increased its daytime power to 500 watts and the studios were moved to the transmitter site. UPI was replaced with Associated Press in 1965.

KSDM-FM signed on the air in 1979 with a power of 3000 watts at 94.3 on the dial. The station was completely automated with a country music format.

Both stations were purchased in 1983 by Communications International Associations Inc. Almost immediately plans were formed for a change in format for KGHS in personnel, music, news, etc. A plan to move the stations back to a downtown location was formed and finally carried through in the summer of 1984. The music format was changed to adult contemporary and several new announcers were hired. The total staff went from just 8 people to 13. KSDM-FM changed from complete automation to partial automation with “live assist.” The music format went from completely country to a country-cross format. The format was then changed to super country in the fall of 1986. In August 1986, both stations went 24-hours with a simulcast format.

In the Summer of 1988 we increased our FM power to 8500 watts, changed our frequency to 104.1 and increased our tower height from 155 feet to 200 feet. We were and still are continually striving to update our programs and formats to better service our listening audience.

In September, 2006, KSDM/KGHS was purchased by Red Rock Broadcasting Group.







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